The Charles’ Rooftop Retreats

Residents of The Charles will soon be able to greet each day overlooking a river and harbor horizon from their private rooftop terrace. These generous outdoor spaces will be perfect for taking in stunning views of the Ashley River, City Marina and St. Mary’s Field park.  

Each townhome is fashioned with an ingenious 21st-century terrace tucked inside the 17th-century Mansard-styled rooftops.  

What is a mansard roof? Also called a French roof or curb roof, a mansard roof has two slopes on every side, the lower slope being considerably steeper than the upper. The Mansard design typically creates a large loft or garret area in the roof of the house, adorned with dormer windows. The Charles has reimagined dormer windows as rooftop terraces to enjoy the sunshine and breezes as you relax in your rooftop retreat while enjoying an exclusive perspective of the Charleston Peninsula, Ashley River and beyond.  

At The Charles, this old-world charm combines with modern conveniences. Each rooftop terrace will feature electricity and gas for an outdoor kitchen, and water for rooftop gardening. 

“The architecture of The Charles harkens back to an earlier time in Charleston where quality materials and the scale and proportion of buildings were cherished,” says Joe Antunovich, Founder and President of Antunovich Associates.